Csendes, Budapest 11-2017

After failing to enter Szimpla Kert on Friday night and taking a leisurely stroll through the premises on Saturday morning (http://eatlikeushi.posthaven.com/szimpla-kert-budapest-11-2017), the advice from a tour guide overheard there was to go to a different more local and quieter ruin bar in the evening.

I read about a few ones online and liked the sound of Csendes. Somewhere to drink, chat and play boardgames. Unfortunately they didn't have any board games but they did have a DJ playing very old tracks off vinyl one after the other (not DJing as such), a good atmosphere of what seemed like mostly foreign non-English language and some good drinks.

As with the other ruin bars the walls are covered in random junk including encouragement (I assume) to add your mark to the walls.

If I'm ever back in the city with friends for drinks, this will be on the list.