Shilin Night Market, Taipei 01-2010

Shilin night market is Taipei's largest and most famous. I spent a good 2 hours wandering back and forth, absorbing the smells and atmosphere, and trying to figure out what to eat.

Without much background into Taiwan's or the market's specialties, I settled on an oyster omelette, oyster noodles and aiyu jelly drink.

After eating all this I found some enormous fried chicken (schnitzel) for sale and a long queue. This triggered my interested and I wrestled for about 30mins deciding if I could stomach one. In the end my greed didn't win and I left with only the visual memory of it. In hindsight I should've taken advantage of the opportunity (as I've since discovered the chicken is probably the most well known food there) but I may as well save it for if I ever go back to Taiwan.

Hu Yuan Premier Beef Noodle, Taipei 01-2010

I hadn't done any research into Taipei eating other than the food markets. I expected that since I had a few tourist things to visit, there'd be something along the way I could find. My day's agenda was to visit Taipei 101 and the 91st floor observatory.

It may have been a small copout to eat in a food court, but the beef noodles being advertised seemed a good idea to warm up my body.

After eating it was time to find the observatory and see Taipei from the heights. It was quite chilly outside so as the sun set I enjoys the views through the windows and spend a good few hours passing time.