De Noordzee - La Mer Du Nord, Brussels 02-2012

Every self-respecting food city has a fried seafood place to be proud of. In Brussels this is Noordzee, located on a street corner of a nice open plaza. During lunchtime people (I assume both workers and people milling about) crowd around the outside table setup to order freshly fried or grilled items.

The interior is a fishmonger which has all sorts of fresh, smoked and some packaged seafood for all occasions and recipes. I'm not sure exactly what is local, but the quality looks good.

- Friture Calamares - deep fried calamari rings;
- Friture Kibbeling - deep fried slivers of fish;
- Scampi a la plancha - grilled prawns in a tomato-based sauce.

There's a lot of options fried and grilled, cheap oysters and even some burgers I didn't get to try. I'll remember to bring a solid appetite next time.