Ona Coffee House, Canberra 03-2014

One of the important lessons learnt in the past couple of weeks - where possible, fly Qantas instead of Virgin domestic. Considering the last 3 flights people I know have taken with Virgin have been delayed by a total of 10 hours with barely any communication, the extra price of a Qantas flight might well be worth it.

What else do you do when the flight is delayed by an hour? Go find somewhere to eat that isn't too far away. What do you do when you find it is delayed again by another 2 hours? Then by another hour? Keep away until the last minute.

The silver lining was that going to this cafe at 8am on a Saturday morning was a good choice. Located in Fyshwick only 10mins from the airport, it was a perfect place to settle down and I'd even advocate in the future planning a breakfast here before flying out (on Qantas of course so you can actually time your meal properly...)

- Latte - quite strong and bitter and apparently very good by coffee-drinker standards;
- Soy chai latte - unfortunately a horribly sweet syrup concoction to the point I couldn't drink it;
- Special of Roasted beet & broad bean insalata with goats cheese, poached eggs & fried bagel - delicious salad, nicely poached eggs, a French-toast-style bagel (which was an interesting take) served on a chopping board;
- Special of Grilled Spanish morcilla sausage with potato gratin & poached eggs - crusty chewy bread, potato cheese and some kind of nutty (pistachio perhaps?) crumble, runny warm eggs and one of the few places I've seen around Australia to serve morcilla/black pudding. One of the best breakfast compilations I've had anywhere in the world.

The food is fantastic. The coffee is (apparently) great too. It's an easy choice for a pre-airport meal. Just don't order a chai latte.

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