Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, Reykjavik 01-2018

Reykjavik decided to have a snowstorm on the Sunday afternoon before the free walking tour. There was some respite in the flea market but we also needed food to fuel the afternoon. Luckily the famous hotdog stand is located just opposite the flea market and it seems everyone had the same idea.

People (tourists) lined up around the corner in the light blizzard to sample the hotdogs supposedly translating to "the best hot dog in town" and made globally famous by Bill Clinton.

For 450ISK (the cheapest possible meal/snack in Iceland) you get a standard hot dog bun, a standard boiled frankfurt, some thick sweet sauce, very very mild mustard and probably the best part is the combination of raw and fried crispy onions. It's nice but the key component sausage is really nothing compared to gourmet sausages these days.

Worth a try and good for a cheap snack but otherwise nothing to return for or write home about.