Baku, St. Petersburg 06-2019

To continue the culinary journey around the central Asian region, we found an Azerbaijan (or Azeri) restaurant. The remarkably high ceilings and colourful windows were quite unique.

- Kutabs with cheese 100g 145rub or lamb 100g 210rub - thin savoury crepes with cheese or lamb. Quite good;
- Eggplant rollls (eggplant slices stuffed with spicy filling made of nuts with aromatic herbs with garlic) 200g 390rub;
- Kufta (meatballs from veal, potatoes, chickepeas, broth, spices) 350g 560rub - a big mother meatball in a very savoury soup and soft potatoes. Really nice;
- Pulp of veal, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes 300g 680rub - essentially a stirfry. Nothing special.

Warm bread came at a small extra cost. It was great similar to Turkish, and mopped up the soup very well.

Not my favourite of the new cuisines, but still good and squarely in there.