Brasserie Mondo (Le Cercle Des Voyageurs), Brussels 03-2018

This place had been starred on my Google maps (although I can't really remember why). I convinced a group of 6 to go for dinner and drinks (well I just booked it rather than convinced them) and I managed to get a last minute booking on a Tuesday night. One of the great things about visiting anywhere in Europe in the off-peak season.

They also advertised live music from 830pm (which actually started around 9pm). The group played a variety of instruments including bagpipes, an accordion, and a tiny violin and they intermittently sang in a language I couldn't figure out. It was entertainment and added extra to the environment. There's also decoration of suitcases all over the walls which was an interesting touch.

In terms of food, I was hoping for moules frites €22.8 but they didn't have any (out of season I guess). Instead I went for the full French option of Tartare de boeuf (viande hachée, persillade, échalotes, câpres, sauce anglaise, tabasco, frites) €20. The beef was diced and tasted very fresh. There were sliced pickles in between and a little mustard to bind it together. The fries were ok but nothing special.

It was decent and the environment friendly. The variety of menu items cater to all tastes and that combined with the atmosphere make it a good choice for an evening with friends.