Cafe Idiot, St. Petersburg 06-2019

After my previous visit ( and with a renewed recommendation from our free walking tour guide, I was keen to come back. I remember sitting on the couch surrounded by books. This time I asked for the same, and the waitress said a firm "no". It was only for people waiting for the toilet. To be fair when I walked through it later on, it did have the toilet smell pervading. The rest of the restaurant is much less interestingly decorated. 

Complimentary shots of vodka arrived for morning vigour. I couldn't stomach it.

I wish I had read my previous entry as I ended up ordering the same things...

- Borsch with sour cream 300g 210rub - all vegetables and a strong vegetable/beetroot flavour. Quite nice although I probably prefer the beef-based options;
- Potato gratin with caviar 200g 620rub - nice vibrant caviar with a bouncy texture and very saline. Good potatoes too;
- Beef stroganoff (beef with white mushrooms & onion, stewed in cream sauce, served with mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber & herbs) 400g 790rub - quite small surprisingly with little meat. The beef was too overcooked cooked and chewy (an occasional softer piece). It was served on a cold plate so it chilled/congealed quickly. Nice mushroom sauce. Smooth potato mash;
- Mussels were ok but a very small serving. Creamy sauce was alright.

The service wasn't very friendly (not just the seating bit) and the food was relatively expensive and generally average. My second and final time in Idiot.