Chalet Lago Antorno, Dolomites 08-2020

After the pleasant walk around Tre Cime, we were hungry and there was a bit of time to kill before driving back to Venice airport. Definitely not enough time to try something else like Lago di Braies, but enough to get a meal. For whatever reason I stopped at one of the first restaurants once leaving Tre Cime. It was a combination of hunger, a nice setting opposite a small lake, and also the restaurant sign outside stating "polenta funghi" as though it was a sign of Italian food to come.

Like in Cortina it ended up being a German restaurant. I suppose being so close to the Austrian border, I should be less surprised.

There was no cover charge for the bread basket, another welcome practice that is not Italian.

- Tagliatelle al funghi porcini €10 - very soft mushrooms with overall a good flavour albeit a bit salty;
- Grigliata del cacciatore/mixed grill (beef, venison, bacon, potatoes, vegetables) €20 - beef rump cooked to medium (they didn't ask me), tender venison chop, bacon which was a piece of very fatty pork. Simple flavours of just grilled meats, typical German style.

It was nice sitting outside waiting to see if the rain would come, and it didn't luckily. There was constant smoke from the people around us however which was less than perfect.