Depo Moscow and Batman & Uzbeks, Moscow 06-2019

I read about this food hall in the Aeroflot plane magazine and I'm glad I did. Otherwise I would have had no idea it existed. It's a large venue with food stalls all over the place and minimal English to be found. Luckily after strolling through the entire place, I came across a map that directed me to the Uzbek stall I was interested in and past many others too. The Azeri place was closed for some reason, but no matter, there were plenty of choices.

Batman & Uzbeks was a revelation. I have never tried this cuisine before. The samsas were outstanding pie-type pastry and some of the most delicious I have ever had. Chicken 100rub was not hot and average. But the beef 100rub and lamb 130rub both flavoursome, with the beef probably better to my surprise. Pilaf soft lamb (200g 280rub) but not much meat in my serve. It was quite sweet with onions and maybe fruit, and a mild flavour savoury. Still good overall. I didn't realise until now that this was created by the Chaihona #1 group - had I known I would have made more effort to eat at the restaurant.

I didn't expect to have Vietnamese food in Russia, but the staff were clearly Vietnamese and the prices are the cheapest we've seen (outside of Vietnam I suppose). Single nem but definitely not what nem is, but the flavour was ok. The noodle dish was served with decent nuoc mam, lots of chewy noodles, a flattened grate of charred meat that was quite good. Giant pots of noodle broth simmered in the background. Unfortunately the watered down mango drink was quite bad.