Fyret, Oslo 08-2012

Set along the lovely open plaza of Youngstorget, situated funnily enough across from my other lunch venue in Oslo (http://eatlikeushi.posthaven.com/fiskeriet-oslo-08-2012) is Fyret. I was on the hunt for more local seafood offerings to take advantage of the Scandinavian waters and it was a beautiful sunny (although not overly warm) day to people watch and enjoy life.

- Lofot Burger (catfish burger served on bun with salad and garlic, salad dressed with shrimps, freshly steamed mussels & mustard sauce on the side. Topped with lemon, fresh dill & leek) NOK135 - delicious fish burger and those little shrimps are so full of flavour;
- Panfried potatoes NOK25 - flavoursome, lovely and crisp. Probably made the meal for 1 a little too large and decadent.

Next time I would order the burger meal again or try the seafood salad. Give me more seafood and shrimps.