Orthodox, St. Petersburg 06-2019

We had to celebrate one night out in St. Petersburg and enjoy the White Nights. Even though the cloudy sky made it much darker than it should be in twilight, the little bit of rain didn't dampen out spirits. The English menu (and the Russian one too I imagine) had lots of famous poets with their inspired drinks and shots on each page. There were some ingredients we'd never heard of (a lot of them actually) and in some odd combinations too.

Watching the all Russian crowd around us, they seem to like the shot with khrenovukha (tastes like wasabi) and topped a salted pickle, and wash it down with the black drink (vodka, orange liqueur, red vermouth, honey syrup, squid ink, bear's garlic sauce and rimmed black salt from Kostroma). 

Strange tastes but at least we felt local for a minute. Some random Russians even cheers-ed us.