Pontejel Bierstube Forst, Cortina d'Ampezzo 08-2020

After the extraordinarily long walk to Lago di Sorapis (the usual way is 2h and easy, the roundabout way the 2 older Italians and their dog suggested to us was 4h and hard), we were famished. A lot of the restaurants in and around Cortina were closed or not serving any food (other than maybe more pizza) at 4pm.

Eventually this place seemed to have some decent stuff, even if it was a German beerhall.

- Lasagne alla bolognese €11 - excellent, meaty and a thick bechamel layer;
- Tyrolean speck with cheese, pickled gherkin, horseradish - nice speck with 2 cheeses that were plain, and 2 that had more flavour. 1 seemed like a mild cheddar, but couldn't say what the others were (and wasn't told).
- Mixed salad €6

There was no cover charge and this place had the best bread collection of all the restaurants we ate at, including a nice caraway one.