Pylsuhusid, Reykjavik 01-2018

After the tasting and overall lack of enthusiasm for BBP (, another chance arose to have a lunch snack when a sit down meal wasn't very enticing partially due to the perceived cost of what was available. I had no interest in trying BBP again and so looked online for the best-alternative hotdog to compare with.

The centrally located Pylsuhusid is in a central square area surrounded by the two other snack-junk food options of lamb subs (which were all about 4 times the price).

Compared to 450ISK at BBP, Pylsuhusid charges 490ISK for their standard. Interesting if you want to add a little bacon or chilli the price escalates to 1350ISK. How the hell is that increase justified?

Similar to BBP there's a standard bun, boiled frankfurt, sweet sauce, very very mild mustard, and the fried onions under this frankfurt were crispier than BBP. It's much of a muchness really so I suppose BBP is cheaper albeit with a queue.