Red Dragon, Hurghada 06-2021

After 4 long and hot, packed days of touring from Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor and now finally to Hurghada, we were ready for a rest. Our hotel on the marina in Hurghada meant we could have a little swim at the beach club to feel the Red Sea for the first time, before a restful evening enjoying the views.

A walk along the marina looking for takeaway left me at Red Dragon for sushi - fish from the Red Sea and a little bit different preparation to what we'd been having recently.

The nigiri platter EGP310 was a simple order and the manager let me substitute a few things, namely the salmon and tuna, since that is common and also it wasn't from the Red Sea, which I specifically wanted. Basically they were all subtituted for eel and so the final dish was 2 nigiri shrimp, 4 nigiri eel (unagi), 2 nigiri octopus, 2 nigiri squid fried, 4 ura shrimp, 4 ura eel, 6 maki crab. They were all fine without being outstanding. The ratio of rice was quite high but it meant for a slightly more filling morsel.

Simple and adequate.