The Greek, Hurghada 06-2021

I really wanted to try camel when in Egypt. I remember my last trips to Egypt, Jordan and Morocco did not allow for this, and the guides often said it wasn't that easy to find (certainly not where they took us) and we only came across it at a butcher. Luckily there were a few options I had researched in Hurghada that offered this - The Greek, Moby Dick and the much further away German meathouse Bordiehns. In the end after reading review after review and not being able to decide, The Greek won simply for good reviews and being so close on the Marina. It also had a seafood soup with a delectable picture online (which I can't find any longer so maybe it's gone because they didn't look the same...)

Our waiter was very thoughtful and kind. He made sure we were okay multiple times, and when another table cleared he moved us there for a clearer view of the marina to people-watch and look at the boats on the Red Sea. It was after dark so less atmospheric than say sunset, but still nice. Guava and strawberry juices were fine and started off the evening.

I only wanted to try the seafood soup and they were kind enough to give us a half portion to share. Warm, creamy with nice shellfish flavour and seafood pieces too.

- Branzino (bory fish stuffed with carrots, zucchini, shrimps) EGP95 - wasn't expecting this butterflied dish with a tomato stew inside. The stew was very simple and mild in flavour. The ornamental birds were an interesting decorative touch;
- Camel steak EGP250 - I can't remember which part of the camel they said it was, maybe the shoulder? In any case it was a thinner steak than expected, although my request for rare came out perfectly rare. They obviously know how to cook steak. To me it seemed like a very nice tender eye fillet although with a slightly stronger flavour. To my partner it was much stronger and gamier than beef. It had a little chewiness to it but I enjoyed every mouthful.

Apparently camel is a developing meat source in Australian butchers, and maybe I'll have to try seek it out after this experience.