Cafe Gerbeaud, Budapest 11-2017

After a long day of walking along the Buda side to the Citadel, Buda castle and Fisherman's Bastion, the sun had long set and the cold was well and truly in. Even though it was only about 5pm and too early for dinner, it seemed a good idea to stop somewhere for a cafe pit.

Gerbeaud was tagged on my Google Maps as serving traditional cakes in an opulent setting. It's location at the Christmas market town square meant there was no shortage of tourists and priced accordingly.

It seemed most appropriate to try the Hungarian cake selection 3490HUF - Gerbeaud slice (centre - sweet pastry with apricot jam and walnuts covered with chocolate), Esterhazy cake (left - walnut cake with vanilla cream), Dobos cake (right - sponge cake with chocolate cream topped with caramel), and with vanilla icecream and apricot sauce. They obviously serve this often as the plate was near identical to the picture. My favourite part was actually the vanilla icecream, simply because none of the cakes were overly much to my liking.

If I was to pick one again, it would be the Gerbeaud slice as I'd be harsh not to say the chocolate and apricot made a nice mix. So yes, I would order that one again.