Efstidalur II, Iceland 01-2018

One of the essential stops along the Golden Circle route is Efstidalur. It's a dairy farm with the stench of fresh cow pervading throughout. That's a good thing I suppose, as is the casual indoor seating area to see the cows munching through loads of hay. I suppose being outside is better but in windy -8C perhaps not the time for it.

The icecream is made from their cow milk and are all soft, creamy and delicious. There was no ice crystals in it and it made a perfect stop between getting geothermal rye bread at Fontana and the stop at the geysir.

The blueberry, oreo and third flavour I can't quite recall were all good and mild. None of them were particularly outstanding but easily satisfying. The cinnamon cookie is probably one I should've tried too. The most memorable feature was the waffle cone which was the thickest bit of crunchy biscuit waffle I've ever had. It was remarkably good and easily the best in all gelaterias I've been to.