Daintree Ice Cream Company 06-2022

The tropics of Queensland mean you can sample the fruit that I normally associate with South-East Asia but in Australia. Although having said that, finding tropical fruit itself to buy and eat fresh was very challenging and few places sold it, which was a shame.

At least this place has some nice options for local gelato flavours.

The signature cup is a bargain at 4 scoops/flavours for $7.5.

Wattleseed tasted similar to almond/hazelnut. Jackfruit had an overripe sweetness to it. Coconut was only mild but with a more distinct aftertaste. Passionfruit was ok and a bit tangy. Overall creamy gelato.

Soursop lemonade sorbet more watery.

Would go back for the generally good quality and interesting flavours.

Springdale Candy Company, Springdale 07-2021

After a remarkable morning of hiking the Angel's Landing and The Narrows gorge at Zion NP, a return stopover for icecream on the way back was necessary.

There's 3 icecream places all next to/opposite each other. I can't say which is best, but this seemed the most specialty and "gourmet" of them. Although now I realise it isn't their own - they are stocking/selling Farr Better icecream from Utah.

Huckleberry was a first for me - sweet and a bit tart. And look at the backdrop with which to enjoy it.

Gelato Paradiso, Austin 07-2021

After the incredible lunch at Terry Black's, and a couple of drinks listening to a bit of country swing at The Continental Club along Congress Avenue, the hot weather meant for a nice gelato stop. 

There were a few options in the area and kids seemed to be queuing at a corner shop one, but Paradiso off the main road and with a better rating and a more mature looking option was for me.

Coconut and pistachio (small cone USD6) were both good and a nice way to wind down the evening.

Eden Project, Cornwall 05-2021

After a pasty lunch, it was time to wander through the giant geodomes of the Eden Project. The tropical humidity meant that the exit past the Eden extraordinary icecream store was tactically positioned.

Even though I didn't necessary want an icecream, the unusual flavour of Coconut, baobab and pineapple (top scoop in the photo, can't remember what the bottom one was) appealed to me and so it turned into a must. It had a very minimal (if any) coconut flavour, pineapple and what I assume was a sweet tartness from the baobab. It is difficult to remember specifically several months on but I do recall enjoying it and even considering purchasing a bag of baobab powder from their gift shop later. But as we were leaving the UK soon, it didn't seem like the best idea.

Quella Gelato Cafe, Cairo 06-2021

Wondering around Zamalek in 47C meant we needed a little respite from the heat. Gelato happened to be conveniently passed in this cute little modern cafe that also meant a more pleasant air conditioned seat too. Although the pure heat did mean that it still felt warm inside there, the gelato made up for it.

Other than my usual pistachio (nutty, good colour, very good), we tried mastic which is apparently resin from a tree and has a bubble gummy type perfume essence to it - as you can see it's difficult to describe. Worth a try for a local flavour.

The waffle cones are made fresh and moulded into a wavy pattern for a little art.

I noticed there's a higher rated Stavolta nearby but this one was perfectly acceptable.

Ice Cream Rescue, York 04-2021

I'm unclear if this reformed old Ambulance is called Ice Cream Rescue or Ryeburn of Helmsley, but the flag saying UK Champion Diary ice cream drew me in. The menu showing which were the award winning flavours was very helpful too.

I tried mint choc chip (gold medal) and balanced it with some wild blackberry sorbet. I think they were good without being outstanding. To be fair they aren't flavours I normally choose so maybe that was part of it.

It was a little while ago and not so memorable in my mind. Would probably go for the chocolate and strawberry next time.

Porto Cruz, Porto 09-2020

Technically in Gaia rather than Porto, this gelato shop was a little stop on the way back after a drunken tour and taste at Ferreira. Given the immediate area filled with port wineries, they are known for port flavoured gelato, although I didn't really like the thought of it and we'd probably tasted enough port for the day too.

Pistachio had pieces and a decent flavour. Passionfruit was very tangy but had a few too many crystals €3.5 for 2 wasn't too bad.

Cremosi, Porto 09-2020

I was looking for a good gelato and a few options came up on web searches and Google maps, such as Gelatopia or Santini. Cremosi didn't figure at all and it was only when walking past it late at night back toward the Airbnb did I mentally note it. It's a very large place with sitting space and work hours much later than the standard ones.

To deal with Covid and only one person ordering at a time, they had a mixed weird system where sometimes you pay for the gelato then select the flavours, and other times you have to select the flavours before paying. It was confusing to go twice and get asked to do things in different ways.

What I do know is that the pistachio was phenomenal - thick, creamy, nutty, excellent. The lime, mint, ginger was very tangy with a strong ginger flavour, I liked that too.

They also have desserts - tried the lemon tart which had too thick of a base and was much much too sweet. 

Also I made a mistake of getting gelato with the crepe (simple and fine, expensive for the nutella addition though) as it melted too fast. The gelato price was the same to get separate or together, so that's a life lesson. The pistachio was as good as I remembered, the port flavour tasted... like port! The 3rd was coconut I think and that was alright.