Stika, Budapest 11-2017

On a day of hefty rain and waiting to leave Budapest after a morning bathe, Stika was warm, steamy and busy. Groups continually turned up only to be turned away while a lucky few managed to squeeze onto the tables and us at the window counter. The owners apparently wear bowties but none did today but I wonder if the two guys running the place were indeed them.

The chai latte with soy was a reasonable offering from a city I wouldn't expect to do so, with cinnamon and not too much syrup or sweetness. Fresh OJ was frothy as expected.

- Stika breakfast 2390HUF - 1 well made soft-yolked fried egg, grilled sausage, excellent strong salty crisp bacon, with some salad, weak mustard and some bread slices. It was a decent offering in my search for Mangalitsa although I suspect if it was, it would have been advertised as such;
- Veggie burger 2390HUF - this was a new offering and a good one. It featured a mushroom patty which was overwhelmed by the amount of cheese lying under it and a circle of brie above it. Not so much for me but one for the cheesheads.

It's only 10mins walk to the 100E bus stop to the airport and so made for a well timed and positioned lunch.