Street Food Karavan, Budapest 11-2017

After arriving and finding most things closed or closing, we thought we'd try our luck getting into Szimpla Kert. On a Friday night at 2330pm I didn't realise how ridiculous that sounds even in cold and slightly rainy November. Luckily and coincidentally there is a collection of food vans next to it with some broken heaters (not so lucky), warm mulled cider and decent food.

I wanted to try langos and found the modern take in the form of a burger 1450HUF. The guy didn't have ANY change and so I ended up overpaying by 150HUF for the version with grilled paprika, rocket and sheep cheese. The langos bread is deepfried dough without much seasoning. It takes like deepfried dough and a much milder (which is fine) version than the Chinese donut. The beef was meant to be medium (at the guy's suggestion) but was thin and cooked more. Nonetheless it was juicy and tasted very good with dripping juices mixing with the vegetables.

The chimney cake 1300HUF seen ubiquitously in the city was a big log of dough turned over charcoal then sprinkled with sugar, in my case coconut sugar. It's quite firm and chewy when hot and becomes much more dense when it cools. It's expensive and huge and I wouldn't get it again.

There's also pizza and other burgers to pick from. Next time I would go for the langos burger again or the standard langos pizza (and make sure I get exact change!!)