Unnamed falafel restaurant, Luxor 06-2021

Our guide was keen to take us for a traditional Egyptian breakfast in Luxor, his hometown. With a bright and early 6am start, this unnamed hole in the stone wall building which was indescriptly next to what looked like a plain open sandy walled off section (like an empty carpark) already had some locals waiting outside for their morning falafel.

The turnover of fresh fried falafels filled the air inside, but definitely not in an oil-saturated air way.

Breakfast was served with a traditional ful (fava beans with a boiled egg to mix in), crisp falafels which were very good, salad, pickles, potato fries (average and not crisp unfortunately), aubergine strips, and a soft cheese with cumin. And of course extra cumin and chilli to sprinkle as required.

An excellent and delicious Egyptian breakfast indeed. I'm sure a local will be able to find the location again for me if needed...