Valdis, Reykjavik 01-2018

0 degrees may not seem like the most obvious temperature to enjoy icecream, but it is really the time and opportunity that is most important. On the way back from lunch toward the airport pickup was really the final opportunity and the beauty of freezing temperatures is that the icecream doesn't melt. You have a long time to eat and enjoy it slowly and each lick doesn't end up with runny bits sliding down the side.

Valdis is well reputed for icecream in Reykjavik and the off-centre location and season meant it was empty. Although I like to try local flavours, they were all some variation of licorice (salted, strong, Danish) and that really wasn't my feeling. I wouldn't have minded trying a sample if I had more time.

So the strawberry cheesecake oreo on a thin crispy waffle cone was the order of the day and it was a nice mix of swirly colours, mildly sweet berry and soft mushy oreo (which I didn't particularly like) inside. The texture was clean and smooth with no ice bits. Overall good quality makers although their flavour profiles probably aren't so much for me.