Villa Sunrise, Luxor 06-2021

We wandered around the east banks of Luxor and didn't really find anything particularly interesting to eat - there was a nice looking falafel stand and African Cuisine looked ok, but in the end just ended up back at the accommodation. Given the quiet season and us being the only guests at this very cheap place, we thought we'd boost their business a little by getting food too. The upstairs terrace does have some nice views over the Nile and during the day you can see all the way to the temples on the other side.

Tagine fish meal 80EGP was a fish they called moosa (I think, which may be dover sole) from the Red Sea. It was deliciously soft, with some acquired taste bitterness from lime peel that I enjoyed the contrast of. Kofta EGP90 was a simple rough beef mince.  Babaghanoush was a very strongly garlic and chunky version that I really liked alot. Boiled vegetables with dill was simple, plain rice with noodles, but the bread was a bit old and stale. 

A let down compared to the other places we'd eaten were the mango juice EGP25 which was not very sweet, slightly watery.

Overall a simple and nice meal highlighted by the fish stew and babaghanoush.