Wannas Art Cafe, Luxor 06-2021

After the previous evening of wandering through western Luxor and having a constant number of touts offering us museum tours, hot air balloons, Nile boat rides and restaurants, we thought going somewhere close to Villa Sunrise and before the boat areas might be nice. Wannas had incredibly high reviews (4.9 on Google) and given we had eaten a lot of meat/fish recently and that Middle Eastern is probably my favourite vegetarian food, this vegetarian/vegan place looked a good idea. We wandered down a neighbourhood street, with some families on the streets looking on.

Wannas has a local art gallery attached too, and the owner was only too happy to let us have a look at some of the art pieces. Then it was off to the also art decorated restaurant side, along with the several curious cats hoping to get some of our dinner too.

White beans and tomato tagine EGP45, aubergine tagine EGP40, and a nice salad (can't remember which, maybe oriental) was served with bread and rice. Although some dips would also have been nice (and tend to be served with all meals anyway), we knew the meal sizes were generally too big for us and so a smaller simpler one was fine.

All the dishes were nice, flavoursome and healthy. 40mins wait for food was longer than expected given we were the only ones in the cafe. However as it was quiet summer/Covid season, I think they probably started the kitchen for us. It gave us time to play with the cats and and look at more art.