363 Katong Laksa, Singapore 06-2016

I'd been craving laksa for a while even before travelling overseas. I was finally taken in Singapore to satisfy this to a place called 363 Katong Laksa. Looking online there's a few places claiming to be the "original" but as long as it is good, does it really matter?

The menus is simple - 4 iPads are available to order from a $4 laksa, otam, a build-your-own nasi lemak and drinks.

The nasi lemak is good - the ingredients included simple rice, excellent salty sambal, crispy textured of nuts and ikan bilis and a beautifully deep fried chicken skewer (soft meat, crunchy coating) to balance.

However the real star is the laksa - a curry soup that had almost no discernible coconut taste to it, but was replaced with a seafood based stock and peppered by the occasional (seemingly almost raw texture, which I don't mind) little clams that added huge flavour. Add in prawns and thick noodles cut to a length so that you only eat with a spoon, and I was hooked. The broth isn't overly thick and intense (as I tend to like) but I can't complain about how good it was. I couldn't work out what the green herbs I stirred through were but they definitely added depth (it didn't taste like any of laksa leaf, coriander, mint).

I can't say if I like this more than the standard Malaysian curry laksa, the multi-dimensional Thai laksa or a good quality Penang assam laksa, but I know I'll be back.

Casuarina Curry, Singapore 06-2016

Although not the easiest place to get to, after an overnight flight from Europe, a breakfast of fried dough was desired. The Indians running this place churn out the food quickly. Service isn't anything special but you aren't here for that.

What I did try was a soft papery prata, a firmer circular disk prata topped with an egg and a mutton murtabak (the small for $7 is very big already).

Each had their points. The soft prata was wispy for mopping curry sauce. The firm prata was what I expect from excellent roti with a crisp cooked exterior and softer chewy inside - truly exceptional. The murtabak had a milder flavour balanced by the lovely texture of mutton mince.

I'm sure the mutton curry, mee goreng and biryani are also worth trying. But for now I'd be happy to go back for much more prata with curry.