Imren Grill, Berlin 07-2018

After dreaming all year about kebabs, the trip to Berlin would not be complete without trying to long reputed #1. If Berlin was where the kebab was invented, how could I exclude a visit from probably my last ever trip to Germany?

I waited until the last meal of the week before a bus to the airport.

There are several branches in town, and for convenience I went to the only one not in the east of the city - Hauptstraße 156 near U Kleistpark. There I saw the beef döner rotating with the individual layers of meat discernible, and not the uniform mass I see elsewhere.

Döner im brot €3.5 - the photo (lighting) doesn't do it justice. Eat piece of beef was soft and tender and the milk that apparently marinates it. The layer of lamb fat adds extra lusciousness and flavour. The fresh vegetables provide balance. It is truly excellent and the best cheap döner kebab I've eaten. 

The meat flavour is milder than Stalactites lamb or the potent Bairaktaris pork ( and less refined than Jimmy Grants ( or Basta! ( But this is elevated into that elite company - each have their own strong points.

Pilau rice with lamb was a strongly flavoured tomato rice with also tender and strongly flavoured meat. Finally the künefe with cream was sweet and cheesy.

Maybe I will go back to Berlin one day...