Ko Tane, Christchurch 01-2008

When I spoke to a Maori lady at work before going to NZ, I mentioned my desire to try a hangi. Unfortunately it seemed it is more of a north island phenomenon. Ko Tane is a cultural village complete with performances and also advertise the restaurant food being cooked in a hangi.

I couldn't help feeling it is largely a tourist attraction for business purposes and the prices of the tour, the food and a photo for the show seemed as much.

The lamb shank from the hangi was in no way different or unique to another method.

Worth saying I've seen it but unless I experience the pit, I wouldn't pay for it again.

Nobu, Tokyo 09-2008

My first visit to Nobu was in Tokyo where I thought would be the best place to sample the Peruvian-Japanese fusion rather than the outposts elsewhere in the world. It was a very expensive meal, with high quality produce nonetheless. It was the famous miso black cod that lured me the most and indeed it was clearly the most sublime and remarkably delicious umami dish on the menu and one of the best dishes I'd ever had.

Since then I've had the copycat versions in many other places, including a better fatty tuna belly (ootoro) version in Fujiyoshi (http://eatlikeushi.posthaven.com/fujiyoshi-japan-01-2012). But I'll always credit Nobu will introducing the dish to me.