Cafeteria Al-Hassani, Dendera 06-2021

We had an unforgettable hot-air balloon experience just after sunrise (the winds were too strong before sunrise) that morning before packing up in Luxor and heading toward Hurghada. The one temple stop for the day was Dendera, which turned out to be one of the most well preserved (or restored at least in the ceilings) with stunning blue ceilings and the faces of Hathor on all the pillars.

Before driving to Hurghada, an early lunch stop at this place somewhere near Dendera on what seemed like a roadside stop near the highway was a completely empty cafe. Although it was Covid and summer and most of Egypt was empty of tourists, the day before in Karnak had showed us that there are still plenty of tourists there even if it is low for them. Our guide often took Russians from Hurghada on tours to Luxor and so it was surprising not to find any of them eating here. Maybe it was more of a dinner stop on the way back for them.

There was noticeable dust on the indoor tables which we were able to select any. The specialty of the house was chicken, and so chicken it was. And what an excellent chicken it turned out to be - a leg of perfectly grilled chicken, slightly crisp in the skin, served with chicken-flavoured rice, noodle soup, a bit of fresh salad, vegetable stew and some bread.

A great local meal for sustenance before the long drive. They also had a pay-for toilet (although free since noone was policing that day) and a small tourist shop, so I imagine it does get the crowds usually.