The Court House Hotel, Port Douglas 06-2022

After a night of eating pretty tasty Indian food, the 2nd night at Port Douglas was a toss up for seafood. We tried Seabean Tapas but they were full and their paella is expensive. Melaleuca looked more upmarket but no particularly unusual seafood items and also expensive. The rest of the places seemed much of a muchness, and we settled on The Court House as it was large enough to not be full, the promise of live music, and also the menu looked alright.

- Courty Seafood Plate (grilled barramundi, green lip mussels, QLD scallops, coconut prawns, lemon pepper calamari, chilled smoked salmon, oysters, whole prawns, chips & dipping sauces) $55.

I have to admit it was quite an underwhelming meal. Tiger prawns were good and oysters sweet. Scallops were overcooked, shriveled, tiny and tasteless. Fish was a slim cut and well overcooked. Coconut prawns fried until too dark. Great chips as everywhere in Queensland. Slaw standard.

Wouldn't come back. Or at least wouldn't order it again.