Teremok, Moscow 06-2013

I wasn't really sure what to eat for my last meal in Moscow. After returning from the Golden Ring, I had a ticket booked on the midnight train Red Arrow to St. Petersburg (http://eatlikeushi.posthaven.com/red-arrow-train-moscow-and-st-petersburg-06-2013). This meant that after I arrived back at my original hostel to pick up my bags, I didn't really have a lot to do, nor the enthusiasm to venture far.

I ended up wandering up and down the streets (as I often do when I can't decide what to have) until settling on Teremok. The ads outside for cheap food (as I'd been quite liberal with spending along the Golden Ring) coupled with seeing a few solo people enjoying (relatively) their meals and not having any other preferences made the decision.

Teremok specialise in blini (pancakes) and do them well. Meat and melted cheese are encased in soft but slightly crisp coatings. I added an extra of pelmeni (dumplings) to complete the carbohydrate and protein meal. It wasn't the best meal I'd had, but it was enough to keep me sated for the journey ahead.