Solo Gelato, Santorini 07-2020

After the relatively disappointing flavours at Kayak, I found the familiar name of Solo in Thira. Given we were planning the 30min walk from Imerovigli in the 27C heat, it was a nice end point to aim for. I had tried them before in Corfu ( and thought they were fine. We passed a store selling Kayak during the walk, and happily bypassed it to go the final 10mins.

€2.5 for a single scoop or €4 for a double. Pistachio was mild but good, coconut was thick and delicious, banoffee was really sweet and slightly artificial tasting, and there was another tried that I can't remember. It all melted quickly all over the floor as the cones were filled but one was cracked. However it's a good safe bet on a summer day (or any day for that matter).

The Athenian House, Santorini 07-2020

Lentils crisp dill yogurt. Bread a bit dry. 

Goat cheese. Peppers. Caper leaves. Perfect olive taste and texture. Balsamic and evo.
Soft tender calamari. Al dente potato risotto with dill and lemon. Well seasoned. Excellent. 
Thick bisque. No meat sadly. Tomato savoury and touch acidity. 
Fava mash smooth and intense. Smoky nutty flavour. Outstanding. Other bits for contrast. 
Creamy moussaka mash and mince no eggplant, potato chips fried onion. Tender medium chops spiced cumin. 
Soft fish. Crisp skin on bottom. Salty caper topping. Acidic salad balance. Grouper
Wobbly soft panna very basil tangy great. Soft fruit
Crisp ultra. A bit odd

Geromanolis, Santorini 07-2020

No antihristo roast lamb (Fri-Sun dinner only)

Santorini tomatoes some ruffled green pepper sheep/ goat feta giant olives. Moussaka mash mince eggplant potato perfect. Lamb chops under seasoned cooked fully. Bit disappointing. Roast antikristo only on fri to sun dinner. Homemade bread ok. Zucchini honey yogurt

Ammoudi Fish Tavern, Santorini 07-2020

Rusk a crisp base bread and soggy on top with cherry tomatoes firm, squishy olives odd, capers and even stronger flavour caper leaves. Feta too. Nice combo. 

Dried octopus a little chewy but grilled crisp and intense flavour. Salmon and white fish very soft and juicy, prawns ok one squishy clams very small meat. Saffron sauce a little sweet. Rice with raisins. Bit expensive overall for the setting. 

Metaxi Mas, Santorini 07-2020

Beautiful setting. Staff very friendly. Usually have to book in advance but not at the moment. White eggplant simple and nice. Top section grilled and edible except the stalk. Fried pork very tender and full of taste, slightly sweet sauce with sumac. Juicy mushrooms. No lamb sadly