Ryokan Iwaso, Miyajima 01-2007

Back in 2006 there was very little information online about ryokans in Japan. Luckily one website listed some of the major ones including a star rating and the presence or absence of fireplaces, hot tubs etc. It was only through that website and japan-guide and a Rough Guide did I manage to make it to Miyajima and experience a more off-the-track (ie. not in Tokyo or Kyoto) ryokan.

The location is serene after walking up from the ferry port past all the deer. The food delicious and the experience sublime.

One big dinner and one smaller breakfast.

Okonomimura, Hiroshimi 01-2007

Hiroshima's okonomiyaki hall is a well known place to visit and try the specialty. There's 24 vendors to pick from although I couldn't tell much difference between them all. I'm sure by now people have found their favourites...

This one I tried is called Itsukushima.